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hey guys,

you remember the Ghibli Grouppic project?
I wanted to give you a little insight to the current status of the second part and then I thought (respecting my artblock) I could involve you in this project. :) There are so many characters in the history of Ghibli and you can tell me now WHAT further characters you would like to see on it and HOW they could interact with each other. I know, some of you already posted some suggestions such as moving castle below the first picture. The point is, I will constantly extand it. Not endless but it will get very large for the future I think. :D

Well, to make it vivid for you here's the intermediate state:…

Here we go. Tell me your character wishes (main or secondary - whatever! main point is ghibli) and also your ideas for interacting - I would love if they are funny and witty! If I like your ideas I will try to implement them as best I can and to accommodate you I will mention your names below the picture(s). Do not hesitate and when you also have improvement suggestions for the current version just let me know I don't bite. <3

alright, let's go I'm excited!

ps: If you are German, please write in German. :D
hey guys,

..wanted to let you know, that I'm on tumblr now!

since some of my art stranded there, I was amazed at the tons of great feedback, favs and reblogs! finally it brought me there and I'm looking forward to enjoy being active there in 2013! :)

In this sense - Happy New Year to all of you and have a nice New Years Eve! :heart:
trades and commissions to do

closed at the moment!

I'm not doing the trades/commisions chronlogical as listed. I hope you understand.